EOT Crane Work

Category: KPG Engineering


  • The crane is easy to operate, crane operators only need short training on how to operate EOT crane.
  • The crane has a strong hook that hold the luggage well and safely 
  • The cost of Eot crane is low and affordable. 
  • The crane uses electrical power which is cheaper compared to heavy engine diesel that is used by cranes.
  • Easy to maintain


a) Motor standards  As per IS: 325 and IS: 3177

b) Capacity Of adequate capacity to suit respective duties. Fullload torque of motors to be higher than the Maximum load torque

c) Type and enclosures All motors will be of squirrel cage type to suit 415 V AC, 3 phase, 50Hz, four wire power supply, totally enclosed. The motors shall be suitable for direct on line starting any hoisting/lowering rated load even in event of frequency control system being out of order , protection IP 54, with fan cooling arrangement.